Lightsaber is a high-end creative studio for future makers based in Surry Hills, Australia.


Do a Google search for “creative agency sydney”. You’ll find about a hundred results. Notice anything similar? They’re all graphic and marketing agencies. They work for the big 4 banks and anyone with deep pockets. They design old-school campaigns for companies who think billboard ads are “disruptive”. They hire whoever is available and put them to work on any project. That just doesn’t work for us.

We started a new studio because we realised that none of these marketing agencies can understand startups like we do. We’re veterans in building products, launching startups, redesigning brands, hacking growth, analysing data and making impressions.

We are Lightsaber.


We've worked with some amazing people...


Our work

Instead of putting any full-time person we have onto your project, we select whoever would be the best fit based on your company’s team, project and industry. Our creative network consists of people you wouldn’t normally get access to, from companies such as Palantir, Spaceship, Tyro, Atlassian, Fox, Freelancer, Flirtey and National Geographic.


What we do

We're not a marketing or graphic design agency: we focus on the future of products, specialising in the key skills a startup would need help with to get from zero to one.

  • Design and launch strategy
  • Entire company rebrands
  • Web and app designs
  • Data pipelines and growth
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Styleguides and digital assets
  • Animated videos
  • Digital illustrations
  • Building websites & web apps
  • A/B testing and experiments
  • Pitch Decks
  • Templates and collateral
  • Logo designs and updates
  • Raising brand awareness

What we're working on now

We’re very selective about the projects we take on. We don’t design shitty apps for banks (even if the money is good) — we’re into designing brands and products for startups and companies who want to change the game. Right now, we’re working on...

  • A jobs board that helps students work find work at amazing startups
  • An online showroom that connects design influencers to the media
  • A drone company that will deliver Dominos to your doorstep
  • An online marketplace to help craftspeople sell more of their goods
  • A VC firm looking to invest differently

Who we work with

Lightsaber is very selective of their clientele and the choice to work with a client is based heavily on the team’s personality, mission, vision and culture fit. We try to find companies that understand the importance of design and their digital presence... companies that are powered not by greed or deception, but a mission to do good in the world.

We like to work closely with our clients (sometimes even in-office, based on their preferences) in a highly collaborative environment and of course, we’re always up for a few laughs or an after-work beer. While we keep all the necessary tools for a professional job (time tracking, proposals, updates, contracts, etc) we try to simply operate on the basis of a good working relationship. We need to trust you and we hope that you’ll trust us.


Get in touch

If you’ve got a project for us and you believe you’re the right fit, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Let’s grab a coffee in Surry Hills!

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